Cake Please

After a great evening of movie out, ferris wheel, and a nice dinner. Finally Grace capped off the evening with this little piece of cake. Only thing more grand was the great dialogue.

Road Trip Home From Grandparents in Oregon

Album and Video
Grace spent the last week in Oregon. Mom and Dad went up to surprise her and bring her home (a few days early, we missed her too much!!). Took a few pictures, mostly on the way home. Took a ride around Lake Britton and then the Pit #1 Powerhouse. Then into Burney Falls via the backside. A great time. Be sure to click on the image below to see album and Video.

A L B U M & V I D E O:

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St Patrick’s Day

Grace and mom really out-did themselves. First they built a leprechaun trap …and baited it Guiness beer. Then this morning a great St Patrick’s Day outfit.
Happy ST Patrick’s Day everyone!

S.T.E.M. Night Van Gorder

Van Gorder put on an exhibition of art work from all classrooms as well as live projects. Add a book fair to the mix and it made for a great evening at Van Gorder Elementary.
Grace and Dad were two of the first people there! Uhhh, and by a long ways were the last ones out the door, more than a full evening.
Saw many teachers and friends, including Mrs. Kattelman, Mrs. Axley, and Mrs. Evers. Bought some 2nd Grade art work created by Grace Austin and also bought three great books at the book fair. …Last ones out the door and when Grace got home she started to read one of her books.